Healing Candida with Fruit?

I wanted to check in and give you all an update as to my progress.

As you can see from earlier posts, I was quite confused as to the best way to cure a Candida overgrowth problem. As of this writing, it  has been nearly two years of searching and trying different approaches to diet.

In the beginning I was very green about health and didn’t know where to turn. In a desperate search for help I turned to the web. Here I came across a wealth of information about Candida. Most of it was misleading…..but I wasn’t aware of that then. I   began my treatment with the “Healing Naturally by Bee” program; which is a high fat, High protein, low carb, no sugars at all, diet. While I DID see a bit of improvement following this plan at first, it ended up making  me very sick as I developed kidney stones (TWICE)!  Probably the most painful thing I’ve experience thus far in my life.  Similar to labor pain… but constant, with no relief! After my second round of stones, I realized that this approach was not right for me, and thus I moved on to search for more information. Now I know… HIGH FAT and HIGH PROTEIN is NOT the way to go… for ANYONE!  A hard and painful lesson learned. I have come to the conclusion that the small amounts of healing that occurred at that time were a result of cutting out processed food, bread and white sugar from my diet. Plus, the replacement bad oils with healthy oils like olive oil and coconut oil.

At this time I began reading about all the healing benefits of raw food.  So I purchased some books and began to follow a raw vegan diet. I was on the right track now, but still was not completly healing, only controlling the symptoms. My diet at this time included high fat vegan foods with no sugars or fruit. I was STILL held with the deception that fruits were bad for you and that the sugars in fruit would feed Candida. As long as I avoided fruits and sugars the symptoms were at bay. But, the moment did, things would flare up all over again and it felt miserable. Like a complete relapse. Now,I began to be  more discouraged as it seemed a CURE was not to be found.

Well, I am happy to report that I have FINALLY figured it out. After speaking to a medical intuitive named Anthony William, I was directed to a diet that is high fruit, low fat vegan. The key being “low fat”. As a medical intuitive, Anthony was able to zone in to what my body needed to heal. He said that not only do I have some candida overgrowth, but that I also have a virus since childhood which has been wrecking havoc with my nervous system all these years. Ahhhhhh, more pieces to the puzzle are revealed!

My immune system was low and my body was deficient in minerals and protein. Thus he has put me on the low fat high fruit diet, to help replenish minerals and strengthen my body so that it can clear itself of both the candida and the virus. Finally…. a cause, answers and cure in sight!

So, for the past few months I have been eating lots and lots of fruit!!!! Wow! After all those months of none whatsoever….. it tasted wonderful. Like a kid in a candy store!! I’ll admit though,  that in the beginning  I was afriad. Worried that this would corrupt any progress that  had already been accomplished. Healing that I’d worked so hard for these past years. In hesitance,  I started slowly; following instructions to keep fat very low (90/5/5). To my surprise the fruit did not affect me! It was really amazing.  So then little by little I added more and more.

At first there was quite a bit of detoxing going on, and it left me feeling tired and cranky.  But that eventuall that  passed and then the fog began to lift… energy started to return. But my progress is not diet alone. I also take a few supplements to boost healing in my body. I  take minerals and do gentle exercise and yoga to further enhance my healing.  (I’ll talk more about those things in another blog).

At this posting my body is said to be 20% healed! Praise God! If I keep progressing as planned, I expect a full recovery by the end of the summer.  Even though I am not fully healed yet, I’ve  never felt better.  My mental clarity has improved, energy is returning, and most of the candida symptoms are gone.

I encourage anyone who is dealing with candida to look into this therapy! You really CAN eat fruit!!! And it is very healing. Please do write me if you have more questions etc.. I am very happy to share what I have learned and would love to help.

The cure is in sight, and I am grateful.

love and light,



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  1. I would love to contact you but not sure how. It is now 2/14/18 and the other postings here are quite dated. Was not able to access the webstie address given above. I have many complex issues involving Candida, EB-viruses, strep etc. Have read A. Williams first book and listen to his radio shows. Read many of his blogs etc. Have been ill since I was 7 years old and now am in my 70th year. Would love your help and input. Have been a health care professional most of my life & am now retired. Have been on Anthony’s list for over 3 years and have heard nothing to date. Can we get in touch somehow???

  2. I wrote earlier but didn’t see my letter. I just started the fruit diet. I have Candida hypoglycemia and a host of other problems can you send me all the foods tat I am not suppose to eat so I can get started and hopefully do a good job.

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  4. I also went through a few different diets trying to heal candida and leaky gut, but nothing was working for me and I was extremely fatigued, with lots of brain fog.

    I saw a video that explained how fat blocks sugar from getting into your muscles/blood stream and decided to give it a go. I am now 4 days into this diet and already have more energy and brain fog is clearing.

    I stopped cooking with olive oil and used water instead, started doing coffee enemas and don’t eat any processed foods.

    • Yes, any fruit. Especially wild blueberries, papaya, apples, oranges, pears, strawberries, cherries….. they are all so healing. Just be sure you are not eating too much fat. Keep it low and away from the fruit. I suggest reading the book by Anthony William. “Medical Medium – Secrets behind mystery illness and how to finally heal” and his new book “Life Changing Foods”. If you need further help with it all, consider scheduling a health consultation appointment: http://www.primrosecottagewellness.com/health-consultation . Hope this helps! Carolyn

    • Hello, I’m just starting the diet. I have Candida hypoglycemic thyroid problems adrenal problems insomnia and lots of other problems. I want to get rid of my hypoglycemia because I don’t want it to become diabetes. Can you send me all the food that is not good for you so I’ll no not to eat them. Carol

  5. Thank you for any other informative website. Where else may just I get that type of information written in such an ideal way? I have a venture that I’m just now running on, and I have been at the glance out for such info.

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  7. What if you can’t eat fruit? Due to a bladder condition, interstitial cystitis, I can no longer eat all the fruits I used to enjoy. I can only eat blueberries and pears, and that is all. Everything else causes too much pain. I also cannot eat healthy fats such as avocados and nuts due to this condition. Salad dressings are off limits due to the bladder, unless it’s plain oil, which I prefer not to consume a lot. And I have to limit several vegetables due to the goitrogens that impact my thyroid/nodules…and then of course some raw greens cause issues with my kidneys (spinach, mostly). I do not eat meat or dairy by choice, and would never touch soy if I had to (which is also banned due to my bladder). It has pretty much become a challenge to find anything to eat at this point, and healing the candida seems impossible due to my diet limitations. Any advice?

  8. Me and my boyfriend have both had candida for about 1.5 years now. we believe we got it from too many processed foods and getting a terrible virus. Anyway, we have tried supplements, probiotics and the traditional low sugar diet. But nothing is working. I was vegan already and managed to convince him to go vegan too, we tried juice cleanses and currently are eating low fruit. I’ve been trying to convince him to go high fruit and low fat, but he doesn’t think fruit will help.
    How long did you see results from going low fat, high carb?
    Did you eat any grains and if so what? (wheat, corn, quinoa?)
    Did/do you eat tofu and soymilks?

    Any advice you could keep would be appreciated, we have had this for far too long and its exhausting!

    • It took me only about 2 weeks on the high carb low fat diet to have a noticeable improvement. It was amazing, really. After that, I stuck with the diet for about 8 months to get rid of the Candida. I ate mostly raw food, with small amounts of cooked vegan food during my healing. Lots of green juices and smoothies, along with a few steamed vegetables (usually at dinner time).I ate very little to none in grains like Quinoa. It will feed the Candida. At the time, my immune system was shot which caused a wealth of symptoms, allergies, etc… this allowed the Candida to sort of take over my body. By switching to a diet that was high is nutrients and good carbs, it allowed my body to heal my immune system and to eventually kick out the excess Candida naturally.Now I eat a vegan diet of both cooked and raw foods, with an emphasis on raw. I enjoy things like quinoa, potatoes, and sometimes beans. It seems to work for me! Hope this helps! Keep in touch, Carolyn

    • Fixing the colon fixes everything. 90% of the beneficial microbes dwell in the colon. They outnumber the cells of the body 10-1. 70% of the immune system is the beneficial microbes. 20% of the microbes are candida. Their function is to eat excess sugar. When people eat cooked conventionally grown food that is low in nutrients and high in pollutants the microbes get weak and die causing candida overgrowth. Candida prefers an acidic environment. Candida moves up from the colon into the small intestines when conditions become acidic. Plaque forms in the digestive system from lectins in grains and beans. Diseases hide behind the plaque where there is no oxygen. This is the root cause of all the degenerative diseases. People continue to suffer because they are not solving all the problems. The solution is to feed the beneficial microbes prebiotics, dissolve the plaque, detox the poisons and heavy metals, and nourish the cells simultaneously. Candida does not eat sugar in an alkaline environment. Fruit creates an alkaline environment. When fruit is burned as fuel in the mitochondria a cascade of beneficial substances are produced. Fat and protein do not create this cascade. Do not try to kill the candida. When candida goes back to living in the colon at 20% of microbes then it performs the necessary function of eating excess sugar. First grind up 4oz. organic red or yellow onions in the food processor, wait 15 minutes for the damaging allicin to change into the beneficial polysulfides, add 1 quart water, 1tbsp. organic barley grass powder, take 1 cup 4/day with 1 organic banana. The fos and inulin from the onion and banana feed the beneficial microbes so they multiply. The polysulfides make hydrogen sulfide gas that expands the capillaries, dissolves the plaque, and kills the pathogens. 1 hour later, 4/day, pour the juice of 1 organic lemon into 8oz water, add 30g organic sucanet, 1 tbsp. moringa leaf powder, and drink. Soak the peel in some water, wait 1 day, then drink the water and replace the water. Do this until the water stops tasting like lemon and starts tasting like water, normally 4 or 5 days. The turpenes in the peel dissolve the plaque. 2/day take 1 scoop undenatured unflavored whey concentrate with 1 tbsp. raw cocoa powder, 30g sucanet, and 1 scoop symbiotech colostrum. Take 2 caps/day my community 17 mushroom blend extract and 3ml/day skate liver oil. For fats take 30g/day black chia seeds and 20g/day unrefined red palm oil. When ever you are hungry you can eat any raw organic fruit. Black currants have antocyanins that contain quercitin. Watch raw food videos, David Avocado Wolfe super food videos, subscribe to Mike Adams natural newsletters via email, and join avaaz. I buy from amazon and znaturals,

  9. Hello, my name is Philip, I lived in Indonesia and since about a month and a half, I have all the symptoms of candida.My wife has yeast infect. from time to time but nothing severe, I guess I catch Candida from having sex w/her?it all started 3 days after we had sex,my penus had red blisters…that last mabye a week or so and then I start to develop dry mouth syntoms (like I just eat carboad) ,dizziness and prostate pain..after going to several doctors and taking a bunch of anti-biotic,nothing change..now we stop the anti biotic and try pro biotic.I had stop all sugar..but that did not change anything other giving me sever constipation,I’m really confused, it seems like nothing work, I’m not terribly sic but the worst is the ringing of the ears,specially when I lay down (vertigo?). My doctor prescribe candistin nystatin to put on my tongue, it has been a week only but it doesnt work yet??So many sites onthe net are saying just the opposite as other about sugars and natural sugars (fruits).We did a stool exam, it contain Yieast and bacteria, but no one here is able to tell me what kind of bacteria…I’m really puzzled…help??

    • Antibiotics will not help a yeast infection, because they only treat bacteria infections, an not viral infections. It was good to stop the antibiotic. A probiotic may help a little, but the problem is getting the probiotic to the right location in your digestive system. In many cases the good bacteria is killed in the stomach. I found one that works well called “Natural Factors Protec Acidophilus”, you can try that along with changing your diet to low fat high carb. Please refer to the book 80/10/10 for further help and instructions as to using this method to heal. You can also use certain essential oils to help the yeast infection on the skin. Use the oils ONLY in a carrier, never directly to skin. Tea tree, Oregano oil, Lemongrass, Melissa, Thyme, Myrrh are all good sources of antifungal essential oils. Mix 5-6 drops into one ounce carrier oil, such as JOJOBA. Let me know your progress…. best wishes!

  10. Great blog, good detail and an interesting article.

    I wanted to add a comment about Bee Wilders diet.

    I have been on Bee Wilders Candida diet for just over two years. It’s a high fat, moderate(not high) protein and minimal carb diet.

    I suffered from terrible psoriasis, brain fog ,body odours, fatigue and depression. I suffered from psoriasis for about 20 years.

    After one year of following the diet diligently I was lucky enough to become healed. I no longer have any of the above symptoms and my life is 100% better.

    I tried many different diets over the last 7 years and this Bee’s diet was the only one that helped me but it’s not easy at first and one has to be very strict with oneself in order for it to work.

    Read ‘Nutrition and physical degeneration’ by Weston A Price if you really want to learn about nutrition.(get the price pottinger version)


    • NO way! This diet put me in the hospital (TWICE)!!!! if you were lucky enough to heal from such nonsense, well great for you. The healing is most likely temporary, so my heart goes out to you or anyone who has been deceived by the concept. I’ve since learned the many dangers of such a crazy
      diet”, and will never, ever recommend it. Nor will I recommend reading the Weston Price book. I’ve read it anyway. It’s a killer.
      The method I teach is NOT a diet at all…. but a lifestyle of healing. Including food which nourishes the body and promotes natural repair. Forgive me for sounding harsh regarding your diet choice. You are very LUCKY to have survived it. I know many who have a much different story to tell as to the CONS of doing such. Many remain with permanent scars. Warmly, Carolyn

      • Hi Carolyn

        Thanks for your response and I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.

        I’m a little confused as to why you have such a negative view of Bee’s diet and why you think Weston Price’s book is a killer.

        As far as I can see from reading your weblog you paid $400 dollars( I checked his website out) for a ‘medium’ to provide you with ‘spiritual’ information about why you’re ill and how to resolve it and now after following his recommendations you’re ‘20%’ (how can you even know that?) healed.

        Where as I paid Bee nothing, I just read her site and understood the LOGIC of what she is professing and I followed the recommendations 100% and I’m healed and I have been for two years.

        Can you please provide me with some evidence as to why Bee’s diet is bad for one’s health other than to say that you had kidney stones when you were on the diet, can you be sure that this diet caused the stones as correlation does not imply causation?

        I’d really like to hear back from you as I’m terribly worried that I’m going to get sick again and I’m sure that you are the only person who can guide me back to full health.

        Many thanks and kind regards


    • The Weston A Price Foundation is a highly respected organization that acknowledges time tested nutritional traditions (many ancient) and sound scientific data. While its true that there are general rules concerning human physiology and nutrition, people are also unique. We need to pursue the path that is right for us each as individuals and be intune with our own bodies. (Listen well.) It would also be wise to give heed to thousands of years worth of dietary trial and error. I would beware of fads and extreme dietary plans.

      I am not familiar with the Bee Wilders plan, but its not at all uncommon for Chronic Candida sufferers to resort to a diet high in fiber and protein, with lower sugar and carbohydrate content. For most, this does not mean eliminating all fruits and grains, but being selective about the types of fruits and grains one consumes. For instance: Many consume quinoa, brown rice, millet, amaranth and other such grains. Sour fruits (lemon, lime, green apple, black berry etc) and low glycemic fruits are typically safe as well. This can lead to a drastic reduction and/or total elimination of symptoms for many. There is no danger in eating this way. Elite athlete and 5 time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady eats this way, as does his super model wife Gisele. A diet that is utilized by one of, if not the most acomplished athletes in NFL history is not a danger to ones health. I have benefitted tremendously from this diet as has my girlfriend.

      There are also merits to a raw or vegan diet as Corolyn has proposed. The Holy Bible records that YHWY originally gave Adam only fruit and pulse or herb to eat. Later Daniel, a prophet of YHWY, was instructed to eat only pulse (vegetables) and water for an extended period of time.

      A point of clarification to any interested in Mr. Anthony William’s plan: He is a medium. That means there is a spiritual/religious aspect to his dietary instruction that would be in conflict with adherants to other established faiths, particularly Christianity which strongly condemns mediums and sorcerers.

  11. Hi good article I noticed when I introduced fruits after about a week low carbs that the strong cravings for unhealthy food came back. Also how long would the curd take with this high fruit a nd vegetable diet? Thanks

  12. i am happy to read this info, i hav candida. took fruits out and yet no healing, i am a nursing mum, what do i do? is spirulina, chlorophyll, wheat grass and barley good for a breasfeeding mum?

  13. Hi
    I read your blog and I think that eating fruit makes a lot sense.
    I was starving for two years and got sicker and sicker.
    There is so much information online about what to eat and not that is really hard to distinguish what’s truth and what’s error.
    I don’t eat any processed food , I eliminate any kind of artificial sugar.
    I increased fruit and it was very hard because I was so sure that its not good for me.
    what I notice is that my bed small under my arm pits is gone.
    before I will smell Sauer and feel Sauer if that makes sense.
    I read that fermentation and acidity can cause bed small bed breath in the body.
    I will eat more fruit.
    What else I eat . baked whole wheat bread, there is yeast in it, dark rice, whole grains,, , soy milk, oats ,garlic, onions, leafy vegie, turnips, raw carrots, banana, oranges, pineapple, mango, apples, pears ,gripes seeds, and beans, kidney and garbanzo tofu ,walnuts, turnips, egg one a week.
    I notice that I cant mix and have to eat very, simple, other wise I have imminently fermentation and gasses and constipation.
    please tell me if I have to eliminate the grains and other thinks I eat.
    I also cooked with olive oil.
    Use little Himalaya salt . bee propollis and sometimes take magnesium and calcium.
    What about carbs and what about protein? I read there are important for the brain function and hormone balance.
    I am just asking because I want so much time into extreme that I am very worry not to eat any carbs and protein.

    Thank You so much for all the info.
    It is very good blog and I am so thankful about the comment you made about BEE protein rich diet.
    I will look forward to here your advice.

    • Raw food has enzymes, organic and grass fed foods have activators called humic/fulvic acids, and trace minerals, not in conventionally grown foods. Grains and beans have lectins that cause plaque to form in the digestive tract. I eat all raw organic and grass fed whole foods, take herbal extracts, and super food concentrates. For carbs I take fresh and dried fruit and sucanet. For fats I take unrefined red palm oil, fish oil, skate liver oil, and black chia seeds. For protein I take nondenatered non flavored whey concentrate. For special substances I take colostrum, vitamin code b complex, barley grass, raw cocoa, yucca, and moringa leaf powders, premium maca, black currant dried, tiparos fish sauce, neocell collagen, my community 17 mushroom extract blend, biofilam, non defatted desiccated liver. For inspiration I watch raw food and super food videos, subscribe to Mike Adams Naturalnews, and join avaaz.

  14. Hi
    I want to ask you if I could contact you per tel.
    I have still some problems with my English.
    The symptoms I am dealing with are sometimes unbearable:
    brain fog, headache, luck of concentration, , irritation, luck of energy,
    neck pain and tension, face pain, sinuses, gum problems, arthritis pain sometimes, difficult sleeping, tiredness during day but cant get good sleep, on top of that POCS with thinning around my hair line, hirtuism spatially my abdomen and breasts, irregular period, or luck of flow, when eating something sweet yeast infection write away, gasses, Sometimes just feel Sauer , bad breath smell, small trash on my tongue, bad Sauer small under my arm pits, depression.
    I am not obese, I tried for two years avoiding fruit sugar.
    I function but I am so existed and in despair looking for help.
    This is effecting my whole life.
    About the fruit intake I don’t know how it will effect my blood sugar. I read that people with POCS have to be careful .
    My problem is so complex that I don’t know anymore what to do. Wen I do one it may effects another one.
    Please could you contact me. I would like so much to find more info.

  15. Brilliant blog! I have pcos and candida, I think they may be linked! I am going to start low fat fruit and veg to overcome the candida, have a list made up here, I also added wheatgrass, maca (good for hormonal imbalances) and msm, my hair is falling out a fair bit and ive a massive bald spot on my crown! Was wondering when is it a good idea to reintroduce fats again? I’m scared of that side of things and any tips for oral health my gum is inflamed at the minute and receding in one spot, its scaring me a bit, I don’t have thrush on my tongue or anything but could this be candida related? I love your blog, you are a great writer, thanks so much for sharing any advice would be appreciated greatly! Love and peace

    Orla (Ireland)

    • Hi Orla,
      Thanks for writing! I definitely believe that pcos can be attributed to Candida overgrowth issues.
      All of the items you added, especially the wheat grass, are perfect! It sounds like you are on the right track to finally healing. Yes, Candida can also affect your gum health. But, I do believe that with continued healing your oral imbalances will begin to clear up too. So give it all time. Meanwhile it would not hurt to add a toothpaste with NEEM and/or essential oils in it as a help to heal your gums. Here are two that may help: Thieves Dentarome Plus Toothpaste, and Dessert Essence – Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste.
      I know someone who was able to heal their gums significantly by using products such as these. Plus eating better, working to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Eat more alkaline foods, like fruit. Good luck, and please keep in touch!

      • Thanks a lot for your article and reply ! earlier i came across a video by dr mercola, its oil pulling. using coconut oil. im currently swishing the oil around my mouth the past ten mins gargle with baking soda afterwards !

  16. Hi
    Please can you help me. I have candida and POCS.
    Eat healthy, try everything. I am not overweight .I try so much.
    I know something is wrong. I read that there is possible connection between candida and POCS.
    Please can you help me. I was avoiding fruits for almost two years. There is so much info online that candida feed on fruit . I don’t feel better my POCS worsen. I don’t know what to do. Please give me some advice.

    • Hi there,

      Glad you wrote. Don’t despair! My opinion about fruit is that we NEED fruit to heal. I personally believe that fruit heals. period. To help you better understand, please read my article here: http://livingrawlifestyle.com/candida-overgrowth.htm , it gives a good overview and advice on how to eat while beating Candida overgrowth. I do believe the excess candida is one cause of PCOS. So changing your diet to clear up the candida overgrowth may certainly help.
      Please write to me and give detailed information about what you eat, any supplements you take etc… Perhaps I can offer some advice, if needed. Good luck, and please keep in touch, Carolyn

  17. Hello Carolyn,

    I am currently following a low fat, high carb fully raw diet ( similar to a 90-5-5, almost none of fat) since mid-july 2013 when I discovered another possibility to fight my Candida. I’ve suffering from this since 5 years ago, more or less and I’ve been eating as healthy as I thought I could (High fat, more greens and protein, non sugar, diverse supplements, etc.)
    Since I’ve read your inspirational post, I wanted to share that I’ve noticed many progresses related to my health but my Candida keeps active. Maybe, is it taking its time?

    In case that any help regarding this can be provided, it would be tremendously helpful for me. Nowadays, I continue my search on this matter and I’m still investigating.


    • Thanks for your comment!
      Please write me and tel me how your progress is coming along. And with any specific questions you may have.
      Yes, sometimes getting Candida under control can be a challenge. It all depends on your state of health and immune function, digestion etc… Sometimes the road is long and hard. But don’t give up! It took me about 8 months of hard work to see and feel results. It may take you less, or perhaps more. lease take some time to read: http://livingrawlifestyle.com/candida-overgrowth.htm, and also readthe other posts and replies here on this blog. Let me know if I can help further. Blessings, Carolyn

      • Hi,
        I am desperate with candida. I wanted to talk to you a bit, I am from France and there this is not very known. My family and my practician believe I am hypocondriac..
        Well I have all, all the symptoms, weight gain, pcos, athletic foot, hair loss, itching a lot,… All my symptoms become low when I stop sugar. Do you really trust if I only eat fruits for example for two weeks it will change something ?..
        Kind regards

      • Hi Abigael,
        Most likely you are dealing with something more than a candida issue. You have an imbalance in your digestive tract, as well as inflammation. You also may have a bacterial issue going on, such as strep. To really understand what is going on, I suggest you read the book by Anthony William ” Medical Medium, Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery illness and How to Finally Heal” By Anthony William. Follow the protocol as written and you’ll be feeling better over time. Yes, fruit is a large part of how to heal. The key is limiting fat while adding in more fruits. Especially fruits like, wild blueberries, papaya, blackberries, apples, pears etc… If you’d like to schedule a consultation to further look into your situation, you may do so here: http://www.primrosecottagewellness.com. Consultations are provided via SKYPE. Best wishes for much success! Love Carolyn

  18. Hi. I am so confused. I’ve been thinking about contacting Anthony WIlliam but cannot afford it. It seems that he would be prescribing your Living Raw Lifestyle from what I am reading. I have had an auto immune similar to lupus for 13 years. More recently, cancer, thyroid problems, thrush, stomach disorders, gerd and strange body aches. I have been on the BED diet for about 4 months and the stomach and gerd issues have cleared but I still have the other issues to contend with and now I wonder if this path is enough. I don’t understand where you get your protein though. Could you offer me some guidance if you would be so kind? Thank you so much. Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, I am glad you wrote and I’d be happy to guide you further, if I am able. The Body Ecology approach to healing is not a bad place to start, but depending on your specific problems etc…. it may not be enough to fully heal.
      I’ll write you privately and help you to sort out any dietary issues that may be slowing/inhibiting your healing process. It sounds like you’ve had a multitude of issues to overcome, so patience is key. 4 months is not all that long. As for protein, you can get it from plants, nuts and seeds (nuts and seeds if your digestion is ok). Once you get your Candida under control (and it does sound as if you might have a Candida overgrowth issue), you can include some hummus and beans, which are great sources of protein.
      Check your email box 🙂 we can talk more……

  19. How long did it take you to introduce the fruit little by little? I just went all our after a previous day of Hugh fats and got a bad reaction!! I’m guessing because I did it so suddenly.

  20. Hi Carolyn … I too followed Bee Wilder’s diet for years with no success. I’d love to hear how you were healed. Bee had pounded in my head many, many times that there were NO fruit permitted and should only have protein and fats. What kind of foods did you eat?

    thank you

    • Hi Raymond, the link you included didn’t seem to work. I’d LOVE to read about your experience.
      Glad to hear you have switched to 80/10/10 – it’s a very good healing diet.

      keep in touch!


  21. I’m extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a great
    blog like this one nowadays.

    • So nice of you to comment! Made my day.
      This blog was simply a template I found on wordpress.com
      If you scroll down to the bottom, the designer theme link is there (Almost Spring).

      In the future, I am moving my blog and helpful information to a formal website:

      I hope you can stop by over there to have a look around and to share on the new blog.

      Blessings to you!

  22. Please write me and let. Me know what fruits and vegs you’ve been eating for my candidiasis is bad and i desperately need help. Thanks

  23. Hello,
    I believe I have candida and have had it for many years. I suddenly got a yeast infection a few weeks ago and since then I am so sick .. but to my doctor nothing appears wrong. I have always felt like eating lots of fruit and veg the right thing to do for my body .. but whenever I cut out animal fats/proteins I get terribly constipated and bloated. I already am badly constipated (from the candida?) so I don’t want to make things worse.
    I’m so lost and confused. And so ill … I cry everyday praying to God to heal me. I’ve tried every diet, supplement imaginable. I’ve spend thousands of dollars on naturalpathic doctors. I am at a complete loss.
    I guess I’m asking about constipation while eating no animal proteins. Did this happen to you?

    • Hi Heather, I’m so sorry to have missed your post! Yes, let me see if I can help you.
      Can you send me an update as to how you are feeling right now??

      My guess is that you have a whole lot of intestinal inflammation you are dealing with. Give me a detailed list of everything you eat in a day. and current list of symptoms. Let’s see if we can’t get to the bottom of this.

      In general, eating plants and fruits will not make you constipated, but there are other factors which cause this when your system is in a highly sensitive state. (which is what it sounds).

      Write me as soon as you can – livingrawlifestyle@gmail.com

      help is on the way!

  24. Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem
    to be running off the screen in Opera. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.
    The layout look great though! Hope you get the problem resolved soon.

    • Hard to say, this is just a template I found on-line…. probably outdated now with all the new browsers etc…. Just as a heads up, I am in the process of creating a new website and will be posting over there very soon. Thanks for stopping by and for the tip!

      For anyone interested, I am moving to http://www.livingrawlifestyle.com – I am just setting up the website, but it is my prayer that many are helped by it. I’ll have a new blog as well.

  25. Hi,
    I am just starting to try a high fruit raw diet to overcome candida and general dysbiosis and was oping to get in touch to get some advice. IS it possible to talk via email?

  26. It’s funny because I was JUST reading the “Healing Naturally by Bee” page about Candida and then I found your blog entry. I don’t agree with the high protein approach either. I have Candida because I fell off the raw wagon and back into the S.A.D. (standard american diet). I’m about to embark on the raw (80/10/10) diet so I appreciate you sharing your story.

  27. Hi Carolyn. How are you these days? Great, I hope. I just had a reading from Anthony William and was put on a similar diet. Talk to you soon!

  28. hi Carolyn i would really like to speak with you will you pls email me and i would love to speak with you via phone.. i am very ill lost alot of hair i wear a hat every day now.. i have been ill for years.. in addition to candida i have what i believe are low thyroid, low ferritin, and PCOS.. I would like to speak with you about this b/c i thought keeping my bloodsugar even was good for PCOS sufferers.. i also thought sugars would boost testosterone (DHT).. So if this is the case will this diet help or hurt me? PLS.. do email me your number look forward to chatting with you.

  29. Hi Carolyn,

    I’m so glad I found your blog!! I have been suffering from chronic constipation for basically my whole life which was brought on by undiagnosed Celiac’s disease. On top of that I’m also now suffering from candida which is causing tinea versicolor all over my legs and other issues. I tried the 80/10/10 diet a couple of months back and ran into some deficiencies after 2 months. My teeth were hurting so bad I couldn’t chew anything and my hair was falling out. I added eggs and fish in my diet and those problems ceased but then I started developing perleche on the corners of my mouth because of the higher fat content of my diet. But you did mention taking a mineral supplement which I did not do (or any supplementation) when eating the 80/10/10. Also, during those 2 months I barely ate any overt fats (probably once a month) and I didn’t eat as much greens as I should have. The 80/10/10 diet was perfect in helping me heal and reversing my body acne and constipation. I’m just a bit nervous in trying it again after failing the first time. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

    God bless!

    • Gracelyn, How are you doing now? I suggest you speak with Anthony William to get a better idea of what’s going on in your body. Sometimes it requires more than just switching to an 80/10/10 diet. As you suspect, there may some real issue with being deficient. Or perhaps a nasty viral cause.

      Let me know what your progress is, and we can go from there.

  30. Hi! Are you still following the raw vegan lifestyle at this time? I just started the exact same nutrition plan and am a little nervous, just like you stated you were! Just wondering how things are going for you now? Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Yes I am!! Although I am not totally raw all the time. I do have some steamed or cooked food like soup. I have gone long stretches of being totally raw and it is very detoxifying and healing. I can’t recommend it enough as I’m like a different person health wise. I’ve been (mostly) vegan for about a year and a half now, and I am doing great! The healing I’ve found is so impressive, I do encourage you to try this and not to be fearful about switching. Please do keep in touch and feel free to email me any time with questions or if you need a friend to get you through the difficult times. In health, Carolyn

      • Wow, thanks SO much for the fast reply! Would you mind if I emailed you?? I don’t want to take too much of your time, it’s just you have really helped calm my fears about this transition! It’s wonderful to hear you are still doing so well!

      • Hi again Carolyn, is there a way I can find your email address on the blog? I get so wrapped in reading your stories (which are virtually IDENTICAL to mine, it is like reading my own life story here!!) but I can’t find your email… I really wanted to share some things with you about this, I am now excited again and not quite as scared to move forward! Thanks so much 🙂

  31. Carolyn, I believe I have candida and have had it for 23 years! My symptoms are feeling terrible a day or two after eating any type of sugar, fruit or grain. I feel like I have a bad cold with body aches, weakness and stuffed up sinuses. It takes from 2 days to two weeks to get better. I sometimes can avoid it by drinking pao ‘d arco tea and taking echinacea; but if I eat fruit, sweets, or grains twice in one week I am almost always stuck with a terrible head cold and if I keep eating sweets for several days I get asthma. I am assuming this is due to candida. I am curious to try the low fat diet, am trying it now actually, but really afraid to try fruit. Not sure I am low enough in fat, mainly eating beans, vegetables and non fat yogurt and some fish.
    Any ideas?

  32. Hi Carolyn :]
    I recently took my (almost) 2 yr old daughter to a naturopath for eczema that covers 80% of her body. He advised us to put her on an anti-candida diet (no fruits/low carbs) & also suggested that I go on the diet with her due to eczema, allergies, etc. running on my side of the family (he believes the candida has been passed down from my mother to me & me to my daughter). The doctor also has me giving her enzymes, a probiotic & an anti-fungal supplement. Her skin has improved dramatically in just 1 wk of doing the diet. I, however, have had a yeast infection that I cannot seem to get rid of. I have been following the same diet & though it has definitely helped in diminishing the symptoms, it is still there. I’d also like to add that I am 7 months pregnant & not taking any other supplements other than my prenatal vitamins. The naturopath suggested that I wait till after giving birth to start on anything else since during the end of pregnancy women have a surge of estrogen which I think he said adds to candida growth?
    Sorry to be so lengthy, but bottom line – I’m intrigued by this different approach (have read about it other places online) & wanted to know the nitty gritty details of doing it.. which fruits to eat, what not to eat, how much can I eat, etc..? Also, how should I transition from my current diet? Any info you can give me would be great!
    Please e-mail me, if possible. Thank you so much for your time! :]
    Kind regards,

    • HI Michelle,

      I’m so glad you wrote. I personally eat any organic fruit I desire. And eat as much as I want. We are all a little different, but for me this works well.
      I have a list of foods that feed candida here on the blog. https://curingcandidanaturally.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/the-top-ten-candida-feeders/
      Perhaps this will help you discern the food that needs to be eliminated during healing.

      Keeping fats low is key (even good fats like avocado,nuts,coconut oil, and olive oil). I myself noticed a difference right away. And the fact that I could eat fruit freely blew me away! I have since learned that fruit is VERY healing and not at all the bad guy so many claim these days.

      A diet high in organic fruits and leafy greens is key to healing. Eating them raw as much as possible. It’s pretty simple. I’m not sure if you would have any special dietary needs with being pregnant. But to me it seems me that keeping to a healthy diet like this can’t be the wrong thing to do. But please DO ask your naturopath.

      Also, following the low sugar diet as a way of treating candida does not usually cure it. It only addresses the symptoms. In order to “cure” a candida problem, you need to first address why you have candida overgrowth in the first place. It is usually caused by something which has lead to a breakdown in normal body healing process. Sometimes it is due to poor diet, but in more cases it is caused by toxic build up, dirty vaccines, or other viruses, etc….

      The good news is the methods used to detox the body and kill off viruses etc… is the same treatment for candida overgrowth. Meaning, diet is extremely important to getting oneself back in balance.

      There is so much to tell here, that it is hard to explain it all in one simple response note. But I’d be happy to share with you what I have learned via email or phone. I will email you my personal contact information.

      Best wishes to you and your growing family!!!!!


      • Hi Carolyn!
        Thanks so much for your reply! I had e-mailed you back.. not sure if you got it? But I was able to find the answers to the majority of my questions other places online – so you can disregard the e-mail. :]
        I’m not yet doing the 80/10/10 diet but started increasing my fruit intake & already notice a big difference in my symptoms! With my good results I decided to implement the same changes with my daughter’s diet, but unfortunately her eczema has become very inflamed again! :[ Anytime she eats any kind of fruit she gets so itchy & uncomfortable.. even waking up in the middle of the night from it.
        Do you think it would be better to just put her on the 80/10/10 diet 100%? I’m assuming that it’s all of the fat in her diet that is causing this reaction..? It’s just so hard to see her suffering like this when she had gotten so much improvement. I believe in the healing power of fruits – as I feel so much better already in just a couple days, but just wondering if maybe it won’t work for everyone?
        For now I’m definitely trying to stay positive & hoping this will pass. Please lmk your thoughts! :]
        Btw.. just wondering how long you’ve been on the diet & how is it working for you?
        Thank you for your time,

  33. Hi Carolyn!

    I was on the bee wilder candida diet as well. I have lots of inflammation now in my kidneys. Would you be able to speak offline regarding this diet? Im very interested:)

    Many Thanks!

  34. Hello there, I came across your website and have been struggling with candida myself for a couple of years now. I’ve had symptoms such as horrible brain fogginess, irritability, chronic fatigue, depression, weight loss, acne, ect… I tried the high fat (lots of meat and oils) low carb diet for awhile and it didn’t seem to work for me. I noticed that I would always feel horrible shortly after I ate my meals. I figured after a couple of months I would at least notice a little bit of a difference in my health but it seemed like I just felt worse and I was constantly craving any sort of sugar. I finally just lost hope and turned back to the SAD diet. I knew there is no way I could continue on this way though. After praying to God to help me, I continued to search the internet and came across the high carb/ low fat vegan approach. I found different blogs of people who had suffered from candida and followed this approach and it actually worked for them. This is how I came across your site. I am considering starting the 80 10 10, is it still working well for you? Is there any way I can reach you by email to ask you some questions? I would greatly appreciate it if you could respond!

    God Bless

  35. Hello – I have had a similar gut issue – and doing 811 it still bothered me – I am starting on Adya Clarity and now I am wondering?!!? Oye. So many decisions…any recent feedback? Did you hear of it working for anyone? Let me know – thank you!

    • I don’t think Adya Clarity alone will work. MY success has come from lots of raw food and mineral supplements. I stopped taking the Adya Clarity and am now taking zeolite from Ambaya Gold. Adya Clarity is great for purifying water, and perhaps taking a super shot now and then, if you choose. But it is not a cure-all remedy. Can you tell me more specifics of your gut problems? Perhaps I can help.

    • Thanks for writing! YES!! I am still following a low fat (high) raw vegan diet and I am doing great! I do recommend anyone with health issues to give it a try. I eat lots of fruit (all kinds) and all types of salads. I make dressings of fruits and dates or lemon juice and a tiny drizzle of olive oil. Occasionally I will have steamed vegetables or lightly sauted in coconut oil.

      My chemical sensitivity is much, much better. My energy has returned. I rarely have migraines. My gut is functioning much better etc….

      Please email me anytime with questions etc…. I am so happy to help.

    • Please be very careful with the high fat program!!!!! It made me terribly ill!!! And I ended up with kidney stones twice! Turns out that too much meat was the culprit. I am doing so well now on the low fat raw vegan diet. It has saved my life! I am almost cured now, with very little symptoms. I too have nervous system damage to repair, and that just takes the body some time to heal. But it is happening and I am thrilled to be part of society again. There was time when I could hardly go out because of chemical sensitivity. Even the grocery store was a challenge. But now I am so much better, it hardly bothers me at all. Please do contact me or email etc…. I’d be happy to help you more!!!

    • I am currently working on a website that will have more details about how I was able to heal. Can I help you with anything specific in the meantime? I’s be happy to share what I know and what has worked for me. 🙂

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